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How should Mothers be more Strategic in Involving the Children with Household Chores?

Children with Household Chores

“Oh, what work can little children do?”

You might have thought so when you saw this title. However, amongst things that should be taught to them, involving the children in household chores will be valuable for their lives. This is because as the children who grow up loving with us will become a wife or a husband in the future, involving them with household chores becomes useful for them to be successful in life.

Children like to hold responsibilities

Even though they are small they like to be held responsible like bosses. Therefore, give the children responsibilities over chores around the house. Small chores like arranging the study table, making the bed can be responsibilities that can be given to the child.

“Dear can you take over the task of dusting this chair? I know you can do it well”

However, don’t forget to praise them and thank them after the task is done.

Do not order or pressure them

Most of the time children do not like it when they are ordered or pressured. What they want is a request done kindly and lovingly.

“Son can you scrape some coconut for mom? She finds it difficult to do it on her own”.

Then the child will not think twice and help you.

However, of course, there are children who avoid it saying, “oh but my hand hurts”.

“Ok then clean this onion please, your hand will not hurt for that”

Be prepared to pin the nail according to the situation.

Do chores together happily

How long does it take to wash clothes, put it to dry and fold? Involve the children in putting the clothes out to dry. Involve them also to take the dried clothes in and fold them. While doing these chores talk about interesting incidents that happened. Teach them a story. You can also give them new information on countries, tallest mountains, and longest rivers. They will do the chores with you quite willingly. As you worry about not having any time to spend with children, you can spend time with them while doing household chores with them

Make it a habit

The biggest problem most of the mothers have is the house not being tidy. The ones who are responsible are our naughty ones who own a heap of toys. This is because whatever they take they keep it everywhere. When told to arrange it they say all the excuses in the world, but the task will not be done. We should also be careful. Teach them how to categorize their books and toys and store them, and how to keep something in its right place after finishing the task they took it for. In the beginning, you might have to do these with the children. However, with time the children get used to keeping things in their right place after taking them. It will reduce the time you take to clean your house often. Therefore, when involving the children in household chores, make it a habit and a normal activity for them.

Give rewards and motivation

Children and adults both like rewards. Through giving rewards the children will become efficient and it also has the ability to make them happy. Due to the yearning of a reward, they will voluntarily come to help you with your chores.

Ask them advice, praise them

Give them space to show their skills and listen to these pros that come forward to help you. Ask them advice while cooking a certain dish, or while doing something else. Let the others in the house also know of the tasks completed with their help. The children become happy and they will feel proud of themselves when their performances are praised. As they have the idea inside them that they can, they will face life’s challenges successfully. Let the children show off their skills by letting them do chores in the kitchen and around the house.

With keeping in mind that a small plant will one day become a tree, let's involve them with household chores and teach them about life.

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