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Our little ones are the future of tomorrow’s world. This dream of nurturing a wonderful human being drives all parents to make many sacrifices, to help their child grow in personality, intelligence and ultimately succeed in life. However, making this dream a reality needs all of us to invest in our children’s development from their early days.

The dreams that parents have for their children are endless, as is their love for them. Unfortunately, many parents do not fully understand what their children need during this crucial early developmental stage, to help unleash their full potential. That is why Hemas - one of Sri Lanka’s very own and leading FMCG companies - has invested in their child-centric CSR initiative, ‘Baby Cheramy Daru Patiyage Lokaya’. A program that invests in the future of our children.

In 2002, as a brand dedicated to the well being of children, Baby Cheramy with the full backing of the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs (MWCA), invested in starting 56 new pre-schools for underprivileged children all around Sri Lanka.

Building on this, in 2007, Baby Cheramy launched, ‘Baby Cheramy Daru Patiyage Lokaya’ with the full endorsement of MWCA and Children's Secretariat Office. This initiative carried out multiple programs island-wide, to increase awareness among parents about the importance of early childhood developmental needs.

‘Baby Cheramy Daru Patiyage Lokaya’ wanted to do more. Thus, a special educational tool kit was developed and shared to help parents who work tirelessly to bring out the best in their little ones. This initiative was further supported through targeted awareness programs such as educational dramas to highlight key messages in a memorable manner and distribution of booklets to parents with tips and facts about children’s early development. Over the year, these programs were evolved and adapted to give parents vital knowledge and insights, which are relevant in a fast-changing society, through the participation and contribution of the Children's Secretariat Office, as well as experts in early-stages of child development, child psychologists, educationalists, pediatricians and neonatal specialists. Each of these programs has helped to overcome the lack of awareness that prevails in our society concerning this vital matter. Indeed, these programs have resulted in parents all over the nation nurturing and developing confident, well-balanced children. The effectiveness and reach of these initiatives were further amplified through educational programs, broadcasted via TV, radio and social media.

The Children's Secretariat Office reiterated the value of ‘Baby Cheramy Daru Patiyage Lokaya’ initiative by stating “As the centre for policy development we at the Children's Secretariat Office are responsible for the execution of policies and programs for children and also reviewing its effectiveness and progress in enhancing the quality of early childhood development in our country. Baby Cheramy ‘Daru Patiyage Lokaya’ initiated by Hemas Group, is in ideal alignment with our activities. We have over many years worked together successfully with Hemas to fulfill the needs of pre-school education for disadvantaged children in our country. We are truly grateful to Hemas for the continued work and investments into this vital area of early childhood development".

Baby Cheramy ‘Daru Patiyage Lokaya’, remains committed to uplift and enhance our nation's future, our precious children!