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Dermatologically Tested

All babies deserve gentle and delicate care on skin because their skin is so soft and sensitive. That is why all Baby Cheramy products are tested and approved by an independent international laboratory in which dermatologists have been in charge of the product tolerance tests. Dermatologists have investigated how the skin reacts to the product and certifies that it wouldn’t cause negative reactions under normal conditions.Therefore, our complete range of Baby Cheramy products are safe on your baby’s skin.

IFRA Certified

Smell on babies is essential to keep them happy and healthy while it allows your baby’s sensorial development. That is why all Baby Cheramy products use only IFRA (International Fragrance Association) certified fragrances. The IFRA Certification ensures the safety of material in fragrances which are used to manufacture Baby Cheramy products. Therefore, you can use any Baby Cheramy product with the assurance of safe and mild fragrances which will not adversely react on your little one’s skin ensuring your baby smell fresh for longer.