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Items need during pregnancy

Every pregnant mum’s hope is to safely give birth to the little one that she has carried in her womb for 9 months. To make this a reality, expectant mothers need support and careful planning to keep both her and the precious baby safe.

In the final weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant mothers are always accompanied when they leave the house. However, in certain cases, this may not be possible – some pregnant mums end up working in their offices right up to delivery, while others may not have anyone to be with them all the time. For these reasons, it is important that all pregnant women take care of their own safety to ensure the wellbeing of themselves and their soon to be born baby.

A pregnant mother will face various challenges from the day her baby is conceived and until he or she is safely in the loving arms of mum for the very first time. This is why it is important to prepare and be ready to face any situation. Here are some essential items to carry with you when leaving your house when pregnant.

Maternal Health Reports Book

At the beginning of your pregnancy, your doctor will give you a health record book or file which contains all kinds of details about you and your pregnancy history. If any pregnancy-related difficulty occurs when you are outdoors, you will need to be taken to a hospital immediately for treatment. Having health records that are up-to-date with you at all times makes it easier, faster and more accurate for the attending doctor to give necessary treatment.

Photocopies of the latest and important medical reports

In addition to having your health record book or file, you may find it useful to keep photocopies of your latest medical reports such as blood tests, scans and urine tests. You can keep the originals at home and carry a photocopied set with you when you leave the house. Your level of haemoglobin, blood type, blood sugar, and urine test reports may help promptly treat your illness or discomfort quickly.

Medicine and supplements

For a healthy pregnancy, most mothers will be expected to regularly take folic acid, iron supplements, vitamins and other drugs. These medicine doses should not be missed. If you’re frequently travelling during your pregnancy, you will find it beneficial to keep sufficient doses of these medicines and supplements in your handbag, so you will be able to take them when needed even if you’re out and about.

Snacks or a simple homemade meal

Hunger pangs are the norm during pregnancy, and it’s important to have a ready-made meal or snack with you when you go out. It’s safer and healthier to bring your own food rather than eating from outside unknown places. Pregnant mothers tend to be choosy about what they can or cannot eat and having the wrong type of food could result in stomach ailments. Symptoms of indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea can also progress to becoming more and more serious. So, it’s best to be ready with a simple homemade meal that doesn’t spoil easily and also is nutritious.

A bottle of water

The importance of drinking enough water during your pregnancy cannot be stated enough. The health of you and your baby depends on it and you need to stay hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you carry a bottle of water when you leave the house and drink from it regularly to avoid getting thirsty, dehydrated and even fainting. You can also get your water intake from fruits – so carry some fruits with you as well.

Puke bag

Morning sickness is a common reality that most expectant mothers will face. Nausea and vomiting can come on at any time without any warning, so it’s easier if you’re prepared for it when you’re out of the home. Carry a pouch or disposable bags when traveling to make it more convenient for you.

A sanitary pad

In the final stages of your pregnancy, you should carry a sanitary pad with you. If your water bag breaks suddenly, you will have to wear this sanitary pad until you are hospitalized.

Extra undergarments

A common occurrence during pregnancy is the need to pass urine more often. This often ends with you leaking urine on your underwear, which could lead to various infections if you still wear them. Therefore, if you do accidentally leak your underwear with urine, it is vital to change them immediately. Carrying two extra underwear is advisable when you leave the house.


Sweating more during pregnancy is also very common, due to a change in hormones. This will make you especially uncomfortable when you are outdoors, so it is best to use a cotton handkerchief to help you wipe away the sweat. Keep at least two cotton handkerchiefs or a serviette in your bag.

Phone Numbers

When you are going out by yourself, you have to keep with you the written down phone numbers of people who need to be notified in an emergency or if you’re feeling uncomfortable. Carry this little notebook when you go out so you or anyone else can quickly find the relevant numbers to call.

Although it’s not easy to carry a lot of things around when you’re pregnant, it is essential to carry the above-mentioned items when you are out, as they will go a long way to help keep you and your precious baby safe.

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