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4 Steps that Help You Nurture Well-mannered & Responsible Children

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The best way to guide your child's behavior, is to be positive and friendly with them. Also focus on the child's positive behavior, rather than reacting all the time to their negative behavior. This helps reinforce good habits.

It is also important that you consistently set a good example by your own behavior. This will help you overcome a child's stubborn-ness.

Always appreciate your child

Make sure to respond positively and affirm your child, whenever he behaves in a good way. Try to be close to your child. Speak positively when your child is engaging in physical activities.

Show empathy by sharing your true emotion. Your child needs to see you upset when they are hurt. This will strengthen intimacy in your relationship. It is important you do this, since this will help young children to cope with larger emotional events, such as stress and frustration.

Create the right environment that helps your child's good behavior

As parents, you, me and all of us, must create the proper environment that helps a child's good behavior. It is our duty. A child's surroundings can have a major influence on his or her behavior so always strive your best to create a positive environment.

Teach your child to socialize

We live in a society that relies on human interactions and social skills. As parents, understanding this and helping your child prepare to integrate into society is a big responsibility. It is your efforts and guidance that will help them become well-loved children at home and in society.

A child develops their personality bit by bit from what they learn and experience in their childhood. No parent wants their children to be treated as outcasts in society. So start teaching them little thing such as saying “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me” or to say “I’m sorry” when they have made a mistake and to share what they have. These behaviors once learnt will earn your child significant respect and favor within society.

Correct your child's mistakes

Be quick to teach your child to correct their behavior. Don’t just say ‘because I said so’ but take time to explain its consequences. Teaching children about good behavior can be difficult at first. But eventually they will get used to it and practice them.

Good guidance provides children with appropriate and positive framework within which to behave. This will promote important values such as respecting others, self-discipline, self-confidence and empathy. Given some time and constant effort from you, your child will learn appropriate behavior early in his childhood and continue practicing them.

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