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Does your Little One Understand Good Manners?

Little One Understand Good Manners

Good manners increase a child's worth exponentially. Everyone who sees a child with good manners speaks with great appreciation. But this does not happen overnight. It needs to be inculcated patiently and consistently over and over until finally, it becomes a part of who they are.

What are Etiquettes?

Do you not want your child to be recognized and appreciated in society? We know you would never want them to be looked down upon. So it’s essential for you to help cultivate a good sense of social etiquettes in your little one from their younger days. Etiquettes are not rules. They are guidelines that help your children make good decisions and adhere to societal norms.

Helping your child practice etiquette?

The best environment for a child to practice good etiquettes is their home. But sometimes parents only focus on feeding their little ones, so that they grow big and strong. They tend to neglect coaching them in etiquette.

The truth is a child’s parents are the best teachers they will ever have. A child often imitates their mother and father. They might also imitate an elderly sibling. This is natural for them.

It is therefore important for parents to lead by example. It is often said, a child’s upbringing reflects their parents at home. So pay careful attention to your behaviour at home.

  • Leading by example always outperforms instructions

    Don’t they say little kids are like monkeys? It is because of their tendency to imitate those around them. If parents misbehave in the presence of these little ones, they too will imitate.

  • Speak clearly

    Children do not automatically follow or understand etiquettes. It is important that parents teach these values in a way that touches their hearts. Teach them clearly how to welcome a visitor, how to behave at a religious place etc. Teach them to say “please sit’ when a visitor arrives. Teach them it is not right to pull things, act rowdily when they are visiting a house.

  • Teach them table manners

    This is one thing that can truly embarrass a parent and leave them helpless.

    If not taught, your little one will probably resemble a monkey at a table. Spitting food out. Throwing food around. Touching things with their eating hand. Making loud noises. So, mum and dad, take your time and help your little one learn table etiquettes early on.

    Let your child learn to eat rice by themselves at a younger age. Teach them how it should be done. If you have a habit of feeding them every day, your child will never learn good etiquette involved in eating. So, let them learn good etiquettes by practicing.

  • Little songs and poems

    There are plenty of poems, songs, and stories in our culture that you can use to help teach your children good etiquettes. Songs and verses can create lasting impacts in their little hearts.

    Do not underestimate the power of songs, music and classical literature. It is a highly effective method to teach children.

    While it takes some time. The good news is if you cultivate good manners in your child today, it will have lasting value.

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