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Do you Restrict Your Toddler’s Outdoor Play Activities to Avoid Getting Their Clothes Dirty?

Toddler’s Outdoor Play

We all know our little ones are mischief makers. Toddlers within the ages of 1 – 3 years are extremely active and constantly seeking new experiences in life. Curiosity and activity are one and the same for them and their top priority is to play all day. They are also gifted with the knack of playing where there are dust, dirt and water. From building mud castles to splashing around in puddles and crawling in the dirt, little ones will achieve maximum grubbiness outside (Source: www.natureplaycbr.org.au).

Is an hour of outdoor activity and fresh air really worth the trouble?

Yes, it is. Believe it or not, as mums you need to let your children do these outdoor activities as they are absolutely vital for their physical and mental development. Playing outdoors has been shown to improve or prevent attention difficulties, mood disorders and obesity, and provides a rich experience that promotes learning (www.sandiegofamily.com).

Unfortunately, when your little one plays in the dirt, this creates extra work for you and can be a nuisance. How in the world do you get rid of all the dirt from their clothes? Is the best solution to just stop your kids from partaking in outdoor activity? As tempting as this may seem, this is definitely not a solution.

Let’s take a look at how you can best clean your toddler’s clothes after all their outdoor activities. Washing machines are a great convenience nowadays. However, before putting the dirty clothes in the machine, it is recommended to first sort out your children’s clothes and separate them according to their individual instructions. This is because there are certain clothes that should not be machine washed and are recommended to be washed by hand instead. It is also important to separate coloured clothes from white coloured clothes.

In addition, it is vital to first handwash areas of clothes that have prominent dirty spots. To clean these spots, you should apply some of the detergent powder that you will use in the washing machine and handwash these areas well. If you use high-quality washing powder, this will be a much easier job for you, and removing stains will not be a big issue. Whether it is mud, food, drinks or any kind of other stains, a high-quality detergent will be able to remove it.

What is the best solution to clean your kid’s clothes as well as keep them nice and soft?

You need to make sure that you select a detergent that has been specifically designed to wash your children’s clothes and is a trusted brand associated with children’s products. If you choose products from Baby Cheramy, you will have peace of mind and know for sure that your child’s health is safe.

Mums that have active kids should select Baby Cheramy’s line of detergents, as they not only clean baby clothes but will also clean towels and other clothes quickly and efficiently. In addition, Baby Cheramy detergents brighten clothes and remove spots and stains, and also have the ability to kill harmful bacteria that can cause skin irritations and other complications. Furthermore, clothes that you wash with Baby Cheramy detergents will also have a refreshing and soft fragrance, will resist becoming discoloured and will have an added softness for maximum comfort for your little children.

With Baby Cheramy detergents, both you and your child will be thrilled. Your child can play outdoors, stay active and enjoy themselves, while you have peace of mind knowing that their clothes can be cleaned easily and efficiently. It’s a win-win situation!

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