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How is My Little One Spending His Day?

Mom play with newborn baby

Two more days to go for my Chuti baby’s first birthday. Unlike before, today he came towards me walking. I'm so happy. Now these little feet of his have strength to walk. I cooked rice for my little baby in the morning and added some Gotukola and a piece of pumpkin to the rice. If we prepare food in different ways each day, they tend to enjoy eating. Now his tongue knows different tastes very well and he is always looking for something new.

9:00 am

Today my little one kicked the ball much more powerfully using his tiny feet and it went a bit far. My baby didn’t just stay and watch. He ran after the ball and kicked it again. He looked so happy and proud as he kept following the moving ball. I think he’s realising the progress his had over the past few days. My baby, who even recently struggled to balance himself while walking, is now walking proudly and confidently without anyone’s help. In the past, Mum and Dad would hold baby’s arms from both sides for support and helped him climb up the stairs, but now, he can walk and climb the stairs alone. Not only that, he has started climbing other objects too and is always looking to climb on to a tall chair, bench, or window. So now I have to stay behind the baby all the time to make sure he is safe.

My little one might be thinking “I can take one or two steps and walk forward using my tiny legs. But I'm also scared. Because by myself, I take one step and next thing I know I fall. But if I have some support maybe I could go longer."

10:00 am

Baby might be thirsty now. I can give him a glass of orange juice because it’s a sunny day. He likes the taste and flavor of orange so there is no struggle to get him to drink this. A mother can sense what their baby wants more than anyone else, and parents only want to give the best to their children. Even though it's still hard for the baby to call me ‘mother’, he says “Ma… Ma”. I can understand what he is trying to say in his baby language, where “Ma” means mother, and “See” means grandpa. Son’s father is a bit sad because “Tha..Tha…Thaaa” word has still not come out from the baby’s mouth. I’ve assured him not to worry and that our baby will call his name soon.

11:00 am

Today is my baby’s Clinic Day, and we went to check his weight. It has reduced a bit. Now that he is walking, running and jumping, losing weight is normal I guess. I was still a bit sad about this as I carried the baby home. If I can feed him a bit more rice, his weight will increase again. It’s very difficult to feed him though. I received a packet of Thriposha today due to baby’s weight loss.

1:00 pm

We have been working with building blocks since lunchtime. Baby can even play with them by himself too. He is attracted to their colours and also finds it easy to hold.

3:00 pm

The baby seems to be salivating and munching all the time. He has loose motion too. After carefully checking him, I noticed that another two tiny teeth are about to come. That explains the salivating! Maybe that’s also why my baby finds it a bit difficult to eat. This is just how things are, growing up isn’t that easy. I remembered a poem I read while I was in school. “Kiren Sinidu una Sudu Punchi Dath Dekak” and for a moment I felt that this was about my baby’s teeth.

4:00 pm

Baby just woke up. I gave a nice warm body wash, then fed him soup. This was easy for him to drink because it’s all blended. Gave a biscuit too, though he only ate half of it since it was hard. About six o'clock, I took the baby and went to the garden. Plenty to see here. The birds were flying back to their nests and there beautiful clouds floating in the sky. Baby is so happy to see those things. Whenever he sees a bird, he points at them using his fingers and shows them to me. He also knows how to imitate bird sounds as well.

7:00 pm

Our baby is now ready to eat his dinner, and I managed to feed two, three “Habung” mouths. Eating is a little difficult for him because of his new teeth. Dad came home and baby is so happy. He stretched out his little arms wanting to jump into Dad’s hands. But since he hasn’t had a wash yet after being outdoors since morning, he is not able to carry the baby. So dad told him lovingly, “Wait for a moment, my darling” and went to have a wash.


8:00 pm

Little eyes are closing and he’s ready to go to sleep. I went to bed with my little precious. Night night!

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