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Don't Hinder the Growth of Your Little One

child development for 2 years old

Our little baby is now two years old. While it’s not an easy task to keep up with this bundle of energy, don’t stop them being active. Let us give you some advise.

They don’t stop walking!

Your little one is confident in walking. Their legs have become stronger. It is important to let them continue this. Have you noticed how your toddler loves when you walk with them? They can’t stand still! As they get closer, we should walk a little further. Are they trying to run and catch up you? Did they lose balance? They might fall but it’s ok. It’s not dangerous. Just help them stand up and walk again.

What can you do to help?

Providing a safe environment in which they can walk freely is your biggest responsibility. Make sure you keep anything hazardous away from their reach. You might even have to rearrange the house but that’s okay. It is best to do so rather than let them slip and fall in a danger zone. What could hurt them? It might even make them avoid walking for some time. You would never want your child to get hurt after all!

We need to understand his speech

Your language and your child’s language differ greatly. But now is a time to learn their language. Otherwise, ‘Chutiya’ will get lost or frustrated. They might be asking for water using a special word. If you pay attention, you will catch on quite quickly.

Their vocabulary needs your help

Your little one's vocabulary is developing currently. They can pick up words very quickly. So, we need to help them as much as we can. Converse regularly with your little one. It might feel one sided but your little one is listening and picking up new words. So, keep on talking mum!

Let them play with water

Children love to play at this age. But mums fear their little one is catching a cold. One of the best times you can let your child play in the water is when you are about to bathe them. First let them play. You can bathe them after. That way, they won’t get cold by being in the water for too long. Why not add a few bathtime toys? They will love you more!

Let's play

Parents sometimes restrict their child’s playtime since it is inconvenient for them. This, however, is the best time to teach them new games. They love to play hide and seek. Chase after a ball trying desperately to catch it. They love toys like, dolls, vehicles, and building blocks. They also love dismantling them and trying to fix it again. Don't stop them since they are learnign every step of the way. 

They love clay!

Now is the time to give their tiny fingers many activities as possible. They are curious to use their fingers. They might even cut their own hair if they get hold of a scissor so watch out! This is the time they are developing their motor skills. Why not buy them child-friendly clay from a shop. Keep an eye out to make sure they don’t try eating it. Some other helpful activities will include making ‘kompittu’ and scribbling.

Climbing up and down

Your little one who struggled to climb one or two steps now has made it their mission in life to climb up and down the stairways as much as possible and as fast as possible! It can be scary at times. At this age, it might be good if mum and dad can climb the stairs with them, because stairs can be a danger zone. Yet don’t prohibit this. It might be a good idea to block entry to the stairways, when you are not there to watch over. This will help prevent them from climbing stairs on their own.

Recite poetry, sing songs

This is also the age where a child’s creative faculties start gearing up. Spend time with your little one. Sing songs. Read books. Why not ask them to sing too? True, it is good for their brain development but listening to them sing is priceless entertainment. Show them a collage of pictures. Build a story around them. This activity can do wonders in helping your child be a creative genius.

Teach them colors and shapes

Now is the time for your toddler to learn colors and shapes. They can easily learn and recognize simple shapes such as circles and balls too. This is also a time where they can identify similarities. For instance, if you give them a vegetable basket and ask them to categories vegetables according to its own kind. They will be able to do that. They will even be able to sort clothes based on the person it belongs to e.g. brother’s, mother’s etc. So go ahead, give it a try!

Practicing faith

If you practice religion. Let your child practice your faith at this age. Get your child involved regardless of your religion. They might even surprise you by reciting a prayer or religious song on their own.

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