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Who Will Your Little One Learn Good Behavioural Habits From?

Teaching Children Manners

Useful Behavioural Habits to Teach Your Child at Home by Example

Parents are the first teachers a child will have. Your home will be their first school. It goes without saying that the good behaviours and habits a child picks up at home from their small days will go a long way in helping them succeed in life. So how can we help our little ones to adopt good behaviours and habits?

If a child is taught a set of good behaviour, it will eventually become a way of life. It’s quite simple, whatever they practise doing over a period of time will become habits.


“Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world.” - George Bernard Shaw.

Cleanliness is an essential habit that you can inculcate in your growing child. Teaching your children good habits of cleanliness to start the day will help them look bright and clean. These don’t just include habits of personal hygiene, but also those that cultivate care and attention to keep their homes and surroundings clean.


Being organised can be a habit that can help your children succeed in life! Even today, the world talks about the 5S concept introduced by the Japanese. While you might not remember all that it stands for, the thoughts and philosophy behind the concept are simple. Keep things back from where you took them after use. Always have a place to keep anything you own. Regularly arrange your spaces. These are concepts that are not hard to teach children. If you invest these good habits into your child’s life they will bear fruit and rich dividends long into their future.

Caring for the environment

It is very easy to teach children to adapt to their environment because they are still learning about who they are and how to behave. If you teach your children simple habits such as putting toffee wrappers into the waste paper basket instead of littering outside, your child will embrace these habits and values. It is hard to stray from these instilled values even in the future. Sadly today, many mature adults don’t think twice about littering if they think no one is watching. They will throw garbage and litter the sidewalk or somebody else's garden. These are extremely poor social habits which are a result of not being taught good habits in their childhood. So if you teach your child good habits, they will be a shining example for all.

Eating habits

It is important for young children to learn how to eat when they are small. We as parents take great care and pour out our hearts and love to raise our little ones. Mums spend hours feeding their children and sometimes makes the mistake of continuing to feed them even after they grow older. This results in the child not learning proper eating habits. It is good that you take efforts to feed and give your child all the nutrition they need but don’t forget to let your little ones learn the basics of eating by themselves at a teachable age. This will help cultivate good eating habits.

Language skills

We all want our children to talk soon, but we should want them to speak well too! Their words should be beautiful and well mannered. For this to happen, it is important for parents to set good guidelines and examples from an early age. Both good and bad can come from the mouth, so it is very important that the words of our little ones are gentle and polished. Words they speak can create impressions about them. Also, negative words can become a way of life. So pay attention to how you speak and guide your child to speak.

As you can see, habits that are seeded to a child when they are small will eventually grow and bear fruits, if nurtured for. These little habits that you help cultivate can be the difference that leads your child to a successful and happy life!

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