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The Value of Family Relationships and Their Impact on a Child

family relationships influence kids

A family is much like a necklace. Everyone is interconnected. You live under one roof. Share your meals. Most importantly they share love and a very special bond. Each relationship in a family is unique and impacts a child differently.

Yes, your baby is still small. But one day they will have dreams and ambitions. However, for them to achieve these, the foundations that are laid at home play a crucial role. Strong supportive family relationships can breed self-confidence and strong personalities. If not, it will not only impact their childhood but their entire future.

Value your child

Even though your little one is small, don’t treat them as insignificant. Show respect and value. They must understand they are valuable to you.

Love them in a way they will feel it

Parental love is wonderful. Limitless. Overflowing. This love must be felt by the child. To know a parent loves them without any conditions can literally mean the world to them.

Yet, some parents are reluctant to show such love to their children. They say that if you show such love, they will lose their respect as a parent. But kids love receiving love. They will one day love their family in the same way they received love from it.

So if you want to build a strong timeless relationship with your child, start showing your love to them today.

The relationship between mum and dad

Mum will become busy after the birth of the baby. She doesn’t have much choice. Taking care of the baby will consume most of her time. Dad will become more cost-conscious. He needs to prepare funds for their child’s future after all.

Through all the busyness, the most important relationship for your family will always be the relationship between mum and dad. It will be the glue that bonds and holds the family together. Even though you may not be aware, your children are watching your relationship and learning so much through it.

Family unity

True, there will be differences of opinions and ideas. However small, never let these grow and divide your family. Always nip an issue from its bud. A family in conflict, creates a toxic atmosphere. If there are arguments, maybe it’s best to settle them when your children are not present. Whatever happens, don’t allow the unity of the family to be ever compromised.

Good communication

In a family, communication is very important. For example, it is important for a child to be aware of what their parents do for a living. So always try to maintain good communication lines with each other.


Yes, there are many problems, conflicts, and responsibilities in everyday life. All that aside, it is very important to spend time enjoying each other’s company. Make sure your child enjoys spending time with family. There are plenty of activities you can do together which don’t cost you anything but will fill your heart with joy. The happiness your child receives through their family cannot be described in words.

Religious environment

This is another strong tool to strengthen family ties. Every religion has a good code of conduct which can be easily practiced at home. Therefore, whatever religion you follow practice it together in your home. This will help your child learn good values and habits.

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