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The Role of Family Relationships

Family Relationship for child development

Even as children grow up and become independent, they still need strong family relationships. It is, therefore, concerning to see a deterioration of this valuable bond in todays society.

As parents, it is important for you to maintain and cultivate strong bonds between yourselves and your child. Bonds between siblings, grandparents, adults living under one roof are all important.

So here are some important advice.

Avoid differentiating and comparing

Parents often make this mistake. Without realizing, the way they treat siblings results in sibling rivalries and comparisons: “My mum loves my sister more,” “My dad never punishes my brother”.

These thoughts can often grow up and cause divisions and disharmony within the family.

Treating elders with respect

The little one always get more attention. They demand it. Parents, grandparents all love fussing over them. However, these little ones must learn that the adults too are important. They too need to be respected. If they only see adults and elders as ‘those who serve them’ they will not learn to respect and give them due value. 

Extreme punishments

Even though little ones may make small mistakes, Mom's and Dad's punishments can sometimes be too harsh for them. These extreme punishments can create mental scars. So even when you do punish them, make sure they know and understand your intentions. Tell them “I only did this so that you can improve because I love you.” If you practice this habit and avoid giving extreme punishments these rebukes will not create any lasting impacts. If you fail, your child will think “my mum/dad hits me to hurt me”. This will create unwanted thoughts and emotions which could fester.

Family needs each other

In many families today, when a child wakes up, he or she does not even see their mother or father. When Mom and Dad comes home for the night, the baby is fast asleep. While this may be the norm in today's lifestyle, it is very important that you have at least a chance to converse and talk to your child while he is awake.

Do not isolate your child by prioritizing work. They yearn for affection and conversations with you.

Eating and contact

If you are working, you might hire someone as a helping hand. But don’t neglect in taking care of your little one during the times you are at home. It is very important that you feed your baby as a parent. Never let them feel neglected or unimportant.

A father’s love

It seems like literature has not given due importance to a fathers love. Truly a father’s love is vital for a child.

You might think as a father you need to maintain your image as a disciplinarian. You might be proud of it. However, if they only see you as such, they will never have the chance to get closer to you.

Dad, yes you are important. Your child needs to see and feel a father’s love. This is what will truly build a strong relationship. So, don’t shy away from helping them in schoolwork, reading books, hugging and feeding.

Family harmony

The good relationship between a father and a mother lays a very important foundation for your children to build other relationships in the family and society. Often, when a husband and wife are in conflict, the after-effects are felt by their children.

Never hurt a little one because of something that happened between you and your spouse. Don’t forget, every word you speak has the ability to create lasting wounds and hurts that could fester inside.

It is a blessing for a child to be part of a happy harmonious family. A child in such a family will have a radiant bright personality. So mum and dad, always give top priority to foster long-lasting beautiful relations within your family circle.

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