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It is Your Responsibility to Inculcate Discipline in Your Child!

Teach discipline your child

Behavior and habits are two sides of the same coin. If you love your child, you will want them to grow up filled with both good habits and behavior, would you not?

So here’s some food for thought!

Developing good habits is essential for good behavior

Good conduct is always an outcome of first teaching good habits. For example, a parent need not worry or constantly remind a child who already has developed a behavioral pattern of waking up in the morning, washing their face and brushing their teeth. While this may not be the reality for your child right now, it is not difficult to ingrain these behaviors in your child's life.

Do you think that good manners and habits form with time?

If you think so, you are wrong. There are times when some parents try to justify misbehavior by saying that they are only children. But you should not think like that. It’s easy for bad habits to become bad behavior.

Behavior is built by habits

The little ones are born like a whiteboard. Very clean. But with the passing of time, many things get added to this whiteboard, some good, some not so! A child’s personality can be easily influenced at this age. So it is not difficult for you as parents to cultivate good habits at an early age.

The environmental impact

We sometimes believe, certain traits in families stick to us no matter what. The truth is the environment in which your child grows up can have a far greater influence than you think. For example, there is no rule or definitive probability of a child becoming a drunk just because their father was a drunk. This will depend on how that little child is being brought up. Even if a parent is addicted to wrongful behavior, they can help their child steer clear by advising and helping them form good habits at an early age.

Changing behavior is not easy

As time passes, a child’s habits become their behavior. This is true whether those habits were good or bad. Therefore, it is very important to fill up a child's life with good habits from an early age.

Lead by example

Saying one thing and doing another will be of little value. The right instructions that you as a parent gives must be endorsed by matching actions. For instance, you may teach your child not to throw garbage all over the place. But if they see you throw and litter on the road, they will follow your example rather than your words.

Similarly, if your child sees you avoid littering the streets. Always disposing of garbage in a proper manner. They will start imitating your habits and good behavior.

Build good habits to see good behavior

If your child develops good habits from an early age, they will develop self-discipline. As time goes you will not need to discipline your child as they already practice good behavior.

Sadly, many children growing up these days don’t display good behavioral patterns. As a society, we always hear that discipline has deteriorated. While most point the fingers at these children the reality is it is by and large the product of poor parenting.

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