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Importance of Relaxing during Pregnancy

How to sleep during pregnancy

As a pregnant mum, it is important to understand that you need to prioritise everything around you, based on its value for you and your child. This is a helpful habit that will help minimize complications and stress you will have to face during pregnancy. It is also important that you prepare physically as well as mentally for motherhood.

So remember whether it is your first, second or third pregnancy, each experience is unique. Although physical discomforts are common during this period, here are some tips to help you get through this experience. After all your pregnancy journey needs to be safe and rewarding.

  • Focus on staying happy

    Many people will give various advice and instructions. They will expect you to listen to them and follow every instruction they pile up on you. Most of this is done with great love and good intentions. However, you cannot please everyone nor should you listen to every instruction. Even though most advice comes from a source of love and care, not all will be value-adding. So stick to professional/medical advice and follow that. Trust your gynaecologist, family physician and family health care officer. This is one of the best ways to reduce stress and worry during this period.

  • Do your best to catch a good night's sleep

    Your stomach will continue to grow bigger. As it does, breathing will become harder. Sleeping in a familiar posture will become impossible. This and countless more factors will affect the quality of your night’s sleep. So here are some advice for you:

    • Try to sleep in the following manner. You might get some valuable extra sleep through it. Use some pillows to prop up your head as you rest on your left side and use another pillow between your legs for added comfort.
    • Reduce the amount of water/liquids you consume during the night compared to the day time. This will hopefully reduce the number of times you have to wake up to urinate.
    • Avoid drinking tea and coffee at night since they reduce sleepiness.
    • If you suffer from pains, discuss your conditions with your doctor and if needed take some painkillers. Your doctor will prescribe drugs that are not harmful to the little baby inside your womb. It is better to get such medication than suffer in pain.
    • If you can, drink a glass of milk before bedtime. The lactose in the milk (soy milk is available if lactose is inappropriate) will stimulate insulin production in your body. This will enable proteins such as Tryptophan contained in the milk to enter your brain and cause sleepiness.
    • Avoid unnecessary resting on the bed during the day time. This includes going to bed to watch TV or to do work using a laptop. Such activities during the day time will deprive you of a good night’s sleep.
    • Lying on your upper back can restrict blood supply to you and your baby's heart. So it is best to sleep on your left side. Also, create a dark, cool, quiet environment in the bedroom.
    • If you are finding it hard to fall asleep you should consult your doctor for necessary advice/ medication.
  • Get rid of stress

    This is crucial for you and your little one inside. Although it is natural for some women to have stress during this time, it is best to take control of these thoughts because it can cause high blood pressure. Listen to soft music, read books, meditate or pray.

  • Don't let pregnancy ruin your intimacy with your husband

    The physical and emotional changes will take its toll on you. This might naturally cause you and your husband to stay away from sexual intimacy. However, for a woman who does not have any major complications, pregnancy is not at all an obstacle to have physical intimacy.

    The idea that having sex during pregnancy is harmful to the fetus is false. There may be some mothers, depending on various factors, to whom their gynecologist will advise to avoid having sexual intimacy with their husbands. If you are feeling unsure or uncomfortable, you should just discuss this with your doctor.

  • Be cautious about external influences
    • There can be many advisors who will tell you what you should or should not do, but always follow medical professionals advise.
    • Build your inner self-strength. Stay strong both physically and mentally.
    • Pay attention so as not to miss out on any medical requirements/tests during this period.
    • Disregard superstition. This will help you avoid complicating life.
    • And finally get ready to enjoy life with your newborn baby.

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