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Things to Consider when Choosing Infant Clothing

selecting newborn baby clothes

Counting down the days impatiently and excitedly, an expectant mother awaits the beautiful moment her little miracle is in her loving embrace. Some moms sew dainty little clothes with their own hands and some buy them from shops. Either way, this is a guide to help you choose the best clothing for your newborn baby.

The clothes should be comfortable for your baby.

A newborn baby’s skin is as soft as a petal. Because of this intense softness, it is important to choose clothes that are made of fabrics that are really comfortable on your baby’s skin. 100% Cotton is ideal for this. Fabrics such as Muslin too are commonly used to make nappies, dresses, and shirts as it is quite soothing to your baby’s delicate skin. We also like to stitch on decorative designs to make the clothes look nicer. Just ensure they are simple and smooth as pleated hems and large appliques can irritate the little one’s skin. Also, if you want to dress them in socks and shoes, buy only thin socks to avoid the discomfort caused by sweating. Having just 2 or 3 pairs is perfectly sufficient.

Pay attention to the colours

It’s best not to dress your newborn in yellow or dark colours during the first few months. When the babies don’t drink sufficient amounts of milk, they could turn yellow, and dressing them in yellow coloured clothes can make it difficult for you to notice it. The white colour is more appropriate. Also, with white nappies, you won’t miss any changes in the colour of the urine.

Pay attention to the infant’s safety

Clothes with belts and ribbons aren’t a good idea since there’s a chance of them getting wrapped around baby’s neck. Also, cut off all threads that hang loosely from the clothes and the labels too as they could irritate the baby’s skin. Loosely knitted clothes, socks, and beanie hats can get entangled in your baby’s tiny toes and fingers. Before putting on socks turn them inside out and cut off threads that hang loose.

Choose clothes that are easy to handle

It’s really important to make sure that the clothes are not difficult to wear and take off. The ones with buttons and Velcro are usually much easier to handle. But make sure those do not press against baby’s skin. First few months, your baby would be much more comfortable in just nappies than in pants.

Keep clothes ready in several sizes

When you prepare or buy clothes for your newborn, having them ready in several sizes is quite useful. Children usually outgrow their clothes really soon, because they grow up fast. Preparing them in several sizes can also help you in cutting down unnecessary expenses.

Choose climate-friendly clothes

Clothes that are made for cold climates aren’t appropriate for warmer climates and this too needs to be taken into consideration when choosing clothes for your newborn.

Consider all these when preparing clothes for your newborn darling and make sure that they don’t only look sweet in their clothes but also stay comfy and cozy at all times.

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