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Let’s Learn how to Fold Nappies for Baby Girls and Baby Boys

The simplest clothing for newborn babies is dresses and nappies. So, we would like to teach our first-time moms few tricks and methods to put a nappy on a baby.

Malpiece, bandage cloth, old voile saris, old cotton sarongs, cheeththa cloth etc. are the most suitable types of clothes for our little darlings’ nappies. Although, the usual size of a nappy is 18”x18”, by opting for the size 22x22, you will be able to use the nappies for a longer time as your baby grows.

The usual method is to fold the square-shaped nappy once to make a triangle and then to gather the two corners around baby’s waist with the corner that folds between baby’s legs and to pin them all together. This method is less absorbent. What we are going to teach you now are more effective methods of putting nappies on babies to make sure that everything is properly absorbed with minimum chances of leakages. Furthermore, these methods ensure that the baby will not soil the person who is carrying her or her bed.

How to put a nappy on a baby boy

  1. Bring the two corners of the nappy to the middle point.
  2. Then bring the corner of the triangular part that wasn’t folded before also to the middle point.
  3. Now fold the triangular top few times.
  4. Keep the wider part of the nappy to baby’s waist from the back, bring the layered part to the front from between the thighs, and use safety pins on either side to hold it together.

How to put a nappy on a baby girl

  • Fold the nappy in two and then fold in two one more time.
  • Lift the right hand side corner and pull it to the left to make a triangle.
  • Now turn it over.
  • Now fold the square shaped part few times to fit the space between your baby’s thighs.
  • Keep the wider end of the nappy to baby’s waist from behind.
  • Now bring together the corners on either side of baby’s waist. Then bring the other corner to the front from between baby’s legs and pin them all together with a safety pin.



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